Dye Solutions Stored in Plastic Containers

PN 30-0624 Reagent Dye Solution 4 x 1 gallon

PN 30-0627 Reference Dye Solution 1 quart

General Storage:


  1. Store in a COOL and DRY place out of direct sunlight. DO NOT store near heaters or any other heat source. This will limit the amount of moisture loss due to the plastic container.
  2. If storing longer than 3 months, GLASS containers are recommended. Carefully transfer the contents from the plastic container to a glass container.
  3. If storage is anticipated for more than 3 months, it is recommended that the Reagents be purchased in glass containers (PN 30- 0612 and PN 30-0613).
  4. If you have stored the Reagent Dye in the plastic container for more than3 months, refer to the UDY Corporation Instruction Manual for adjustments or checking of the concentration of Reagent Dyes. This step is also used to check the concentration of the Reagent stored in the Carboy dispensor.
  6. Purchasing the Reference Dye Solution in plastic containers requires a check for concentration after 1 month. After purchasing a new lot, pour a small amount into a glass container for storage. Close tightly. This solution is used at a later date to check the concentration of the Reference Dye Solution in the plastic container. Glass containers (60 ml PN 35-1200) can be purchased from UDY Corporation.


Before opening containers or using dropper bottles after several hours of non-use, invert the bottle once or twice. This remixes the water droplets which forms above the liquid level. The Reagent Dye Solution in the Carboy Dispensor should be shaken to remix the droplets formed in it.

After opening Reagent, Reference or dropper bottles, wipe off both the bottle neck and inside the cap with a tissue before pouring the solution.

Before recapping, rewipe the bottle neck with a tissue after the solutions are poured. This prevents dye accumulation and crystallization. Serious errors can result if the dye crystallizes in the bottle threads on later mixes into the solutions.

When not in use, keep bottles capped and vent closed on Reagent Dye Dispensor. Solutions not used from a dropper bottle within a week or two, should be discarded. If a full bottle will not be used within this time, only partially fill the bottle. Always discard any remaining solution before adding fresh solution.