Welcome to UDY

     Congratulations on your selection of a UDY instrument.

You are joining a growing group of quality conscious individuals in a wide range of firms who are using our instruments to measure Protein, Fat or other constituents of foods and feeds. We want to make the equipment set-up and testing as smooth as possible and to help you achieve the quality of results you expect and need.

We firmly believe our instruments prove that the best is not always the most expensive. You, too, should discover this as you become familiar with your instrument. The motto, "We Make Analysis Practical," is not just a slogan. We want you to be fully satisfied.

As the months go by, let us know how things are going occasionally. Don't wait for a problem -- we might not hear from you. New ideas and recommendations are always welcome. If you have other analytical needs, tell us. We may be able to refer you to an appropriate resource or help you ourselves.

We look forward to working with you.

William F Lear


UDY Corporation