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Belt Drive Model

Cyclone Sample Mill -

BELT DRIVE - MODEL 3010-030 (120 Volt ac)
BELT DRIVE - MODEL 3010-019 (220 Volt ac)

General Description:

  • Reasonably Priced for the Budgeted Lab
  • *Patented Grinding Action
  • For General Purpose Grinding When You Would not Need Maximum Particle Size Consistency
  • Recommended for NIR Equipment
  • Popular Flow Through Design
  • Uses 120, 500 or 1000 ml UDY Collection Bottles
  • Belt Drive Train 12,600 RPM, 3/4 hp Motor
  • Able to use the UDY Retrofit Kit (PN 30-0598) For Products with Moisture Content >15% or oil Content >20%
  • Uses other Standard UDY Belt Drive Supplies and Accessories
    (i.e. Vacuum, Sample Feed Controller, Screens, Grinding Ring, etc

*Patent No. 3,754,715

UDY Cyclone Sample Mills use a patented* method of grinding. The grinding chamber is illustrated in Figure 2. High speed rotation of the impeller and air currents throw particles into, and rolls them around the grinding ring. Particles remain in the grinding chamber until impact-shattering and abrasion make them small enough to flow out the exit with the air current. The air flow removes essentially all material and makes clean out unnecessary. The air flow also minimizes heating and therefore eliminates thermal degradation.


The UDY Cyclone Sample Mill is powered by a
3/4 hp AC/DC universal 120V; 12,600 rpm full speed. The grinding ring has tungsten carbide abrasive particles on a steel base. Ground material is collected in 120 ml glass bottles, fabric bags, or other containers.

*U.S. Patent No. 3,754,715 and several foreign patents.

Figure 1. Cyclone Sample Mill with optional Sample Feed Controller

Sample Mill
Figure 2. Cyclone Sample Mill Grinding Chamber
With Grinding Chamber


Materials which tend to gum-up and present problems in other dry mills can often be ground in the Cyclone Sample Mill because of its patented grinding action and the low residence time in the grinding chamber. A general guideline is that materials may contain up to 20% oil or 15% moisture. Some materials containing higher levels of moisture or oil can be ground. Marginal cases are substantially aided by use of a vacuum cleaner to increase air flow. This does not result in loss of sample.

Since many properties influence grinding characteristics, UDY Corporation personnel should be consulted regarding experience with specific materials. The applications laboratory will be happy to grind test samples and provide recommendations. If samples are corrosive or trace contamination is a concern, UDY personnel should be consulted. 

UDY Corporation    201 Rome Court, Fort Collins Co 80524
Voice: 970-482-2060    Fax: 970-482-2067

Email: info@udycorp.com


Sample Feed Controller
Figure 3. Sample Feed Controller

3010-016 (110 VOLTS 60 Hz)
3010-015 (220 VOLTS 50 Hz)

Material may be poured slowly into the hopper of the standard Mill Cover where feed into the Mill is somewhat controlled by the bin gate, or the optional Sample Feed Controller, shown in Figure 3, may be used. The Sample Feed Controller uses an auger to feed material into the Mill and is especially recommended when maximum consistency of particle size output is desired, such as for NIR testing. Other benefits include convenience of automatically feeding material into the Mill and elimination of accidental overloading. The maximum initial particle size the Sample Feed Controller can accept is 5 mm (1/4 inch). The feed rate of the Controller varies with the material. When a Sample Feed Controller is purchased along with a Mill, the Mill includes a power outlet controlled by the Mill Power Switch for the Sample Feed Controller.


The maximum initial particle size depends on the mass and grinding properties of the material. The standard Mill Cover limits the maximum initial particle dimension to 5 mm (1/4 inch). Low mass materials such as forages, leaves, and wood chips can be introduced in larger initial sizes by using the optional Forage Cover, illustrated in Figure 4. The Forage Cover permits feeding forage core samples directly into the Mill without preliminary grinding.

Because of the unique grinding method of the Cyclone Sample Mill, the particles exiting the mill are very small and are relatively consistent in size. This makes the Mill especially valuable for sample preparation prior to NIR measurement or other applications dependent on particle size.

Forage Cover
Figure 4. Forage Cover for Cyclone Sample Mill

UDY Part Number : 30-0367
(available for both mill models)


Figure 5. Cumulative Weight Percent & Particle Size Distribution for several materials ground using a UDY Cyclone Sample Mill with a 1.0 mm screen
Figure 5 shows typical particle size distribution for wheat**, wood chips, coal, detergent powder, aspirin, alumina, fertilizer, and polycarbonate ground with a 1.0 mm screen in the Cyclone Sample Mill. A screen with 1.0 mm openings is generally recommended, but screens with 2.0, 0.8, 0.5, 0.4 and 0.25 mm openings are also available.

The screen covering the air/sample outlet affects the particle size two ways. The screen limits the maximum particle size which can be thrown out by impact with the impeller. Screens with smaller holes also reduce the air flow and, consequently, the size of particles exiting with the air flow.

**Wheat data from Cereal Chemistry Vol. 64, No. 1, 1987 pp 46-49.

The maximum rate material can be ground depends on the material. The rate for wheat and many other materials is about 3 g/second. Standard 120 ml sample bottles hold 30 to 40 grams. Optional collection containers include 500 and 1,000 ml bottles and a Nylon Fabric Collection Bag, shown in Figure 6, which holds 2 to 3 kg of material.


With Nylon Bag
Figure 6. Cyclone Sample Mill with Optional Nylon Fabric
Collection Bag 
Cyclone Sample Mill - Belt Drive Dimensions: 26x26x47 cm (10.3"x10.3"x18.5") LxWxH. Carton: 34x34x41 cm (13.5"x13.5"x16") LxWxH. Net weight: 13 kg (28 lb) Shipping weight: 15 kg (33 lb).

The UDY Cyclone Sample Mill is powered by a 1/2 hp AC/DC universal 115V; 10,000 rpm full load (16,000 rpm no load) The grinding ring has tungsten carbide abrasive particles on a steel base. Ground material is collected in 120 ml glass bottles, fabric bags, or other containers.

*U.S. Patent No. 3,754,715 and several foreign patents.

Accessories included: 3 collection bottles w/snap cap, 2 hex keys, antistatic solution, 0.5 mm screen, and clean-out brushes.

Sample Feed Controller: Net weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). Shipping weight: 1.6 kg (4.5 lb). Auger forward and reverse operation at 52 rpm with 60 Hz, or 50 rpm with 50 Hz. Hopper capacity: 250 ml. 13 rpm unit available for whole soybean.


Accessories Accessories Included with Purchase
  • 30-0335 CU Grinding Ring
  • 30-0316 AL Impeller 8 mm
  • 30-0368 Grain Cover
  • 30-0307 Air Outlet Filter Assembly
  • 35-0597 Ballpoint Hex Key 3/32"
  • 30-0453 Clean Out Tool
  • 35-0470 Cyclone Body Cleaning Brush
  • 30-0308 Air Outlet Filter Media
  • 30-0387 Collection Bottle Kit

Addtional Accessories Available

  • 30-0477 Retrofit/HMHF Impeller 8 mm
  • 30-0479 NI Impeller 8 mm
  • 30-0480 NI Grinding Ring
  • 30-0367 Forage Cover with Gasket and O-Ring
  • 30-0486 Gasket for Forage & Grain Covers
  • 30-0475 Retrofit Pan with Gasket
  • 30-0175 Shop Vacuum (1 HP )
  • 3010-016 Sample Feed Controller
  • Retrofit/HMHF Screens:
    • 30-0472 1.00 mm
    • 30-0471 0.5 mm
    • 30-0474 3.0 mm
    • 30-0473 2.0 mm
  • 35-0463 Plastic Bottles (petg) 150ml with cap
  • 35-0389 Glass Collection Bottles with snap cap 120 ml (72 per case)
  • 35-0390 Glass Collection Bottles with snap cap 120 ml (36 per case)
  • 30-0756 Stainless Steel Grinding Ring
  • 30-0678 Cutter Blade Impeller 8 mm
  • 30-0487 Forage Funnel
  • 30-0311 Nylon Bag
  • 30-0304 0.4 mm brass
  • 30-0382 0.25 mm brass
  • 30-0303 0.5 mm steel
  • 30-0302 1.0 mm steel
  • 30-0318 2.0 mm steel
  • 30-0500 0.8 mm stainless steel (for falling number)





Retrofit kit is especially designed to grind products with higher moisture or higher fat content than our standard Mill setup. Includes products such as oilseeds, soybeans, meals, etc. Also, this device will allow more through-put on drier products than the standard Mill because of increased screen surface area.

The Retrofit is easy to install. Simply remove the standard Screen and Impeller and replace them with the Retrofit Pan, Impeller and Screen (360).

The Retrofit kit includes a Retrofit Pan with gasket attached, Retrofit Impeller, Clean-Out Tool, 1.0 mm Screen (other sizes available), and Hex Key. A Forage cover and vacuum recommended for use with larger samples.

The UDY Cyclone Sample Mill is designed for long life. Many Mills have been in use over 15 years. The parts subject to wear are all replaceable. The frequency of replacement depends on the abrasiveness of the material used. Please call for assistance on selection of replacement and spare parts.

UDY Mills have a one year parts and labor warranty.

UDY Corporation    201 Rome Court, Fort Collins Co 80524
Voice: 970-482-2060    Fax: 970-482-2067
Email: info@udycorp.com